Friendship Links



Soroptimist clubs are encouraged to connect with other clubs worldwide for friendship and greater impact. SI Victoria Westshore began in its first year with a Freindship Link with SI Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Sadly for that club, they had to withdraw from Soroptimist shortly after our linkage, but the personal friendships are still strong.

Our next Friendship Links were with SI Aquamarine Kure, Japan, and SI Masaka, Uganda.  SIVW has been the chief fundraiser for the Masaka, Uganda club’s major project, for which the Aquamarine Kure, Japan club has been a significant donor and supporter. We were fortunate to be able to have a Skype signing ceremony with Aquamarine Kure, during which it was 8:00 pm our time and noon the next day Japan time. Yuko Tsuji provided simultaneous translation during the ceremony, allowing our two clubs to share laughter and camaraderie.

Recently we have become Friendship Linked with SI Kodaikanal, India, and a few members from each club had the pleasure of visiting at length by Skype, discussing each club’s projects.

We look forward to many projects ahead with each of our three Friendship Link clubs.


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