Nine Days of Behind the Scenes Communicating

The coordination of getting larger items, such as furniture, to our clients can be tricky.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, a client with very limited English came shopping at Anney’s Closet. She needed everything, including the small love seat and other furniture we had on hand. Our coordinator began to make arrangements with one of our kindly moving company partners to get these items to our client. Generally that means the mover calls the client and the two of them make arrangements.

The days of ping-ponging emails were telling: coordinator to mover trying to arrange a day and time for the furniture to be delivered. The client not responding to calls. Eventually, with Christmas just days away, the mover began carrying the furniture on his truck in hopes than he could call and get the “okay” to deliver. That furniture rode the truck for days. The happy ending came just a few days before Christmas, when our client was reunited with the furniture she selected from Anney’s Closet that she so desperately needed.

We are sure the mover was happy too.


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