Kiva – Jesús Ana Reiny

Through our Soroptimist Kiva Lending Team, we were able to help Jesús Ana Reiny raise $875 to help her invest in the purchase of a photocopier, a printer, and various items to diversify her service.

Jesús Ana Reiny’s story

Jesús Ana is a young entrepreneur who is taking advantage of her knowledge of technology and following the recommendations of a friend who saw that these services are needed in the area. She decided a year ago to start her own internet cafe. She offers internet per hour; phone calls; printing; stationery; scanning; etc. She works from 8 am to 8 pm with a vision of high quality and excellent service. Her priority is the student community. She is requesting her first loan on Kiva via the Fundación Mario Santo Domingo. She plans to invest in the purchase of a photocopier and printer, as well as stationery and other items to diversify her service. Her vision is to strengthen her business and provide integral solutions in communications. She wants to provide accessories, training, and technical service in everything related to computers, related to her customers’ needs, with the highest standards of quality and service.

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